Visions Overview

A Trend Toward Sustainability

Preservation Ranch is a bold vision to consolidate, restore and conserve nearly 20,000 acres of forests, grasslands and watershed in Northwest Sonoma County. Together, the following four goals will help reverse decades of misuse.

Forest Conservation

17,000 + acres
Sustainably managed forest

Preservation Ranch will create conservation easements on 17,000+ acres and plant over a million Redwood and Douglas fir seedings, ensuring sustainable timber practices from this point forward.

Protected Habitats

2,700 + acres
Windy Gap preserve

To provide permanent protections for the Gualala River watershed, we will create the Windy Gap Preserve, a 2,700-acre wildlife and habitat preserve of oak woodland, mixed oak and conifer forest.

Sustainable Agriculture

1000 + acres
Sustainably farmed vineyards

Vineyards will be planted in small blocks, allowing us to avoid sensitive areas and minimize environmental impacts. Revenue generated will be channeled into ongoing restoration efforts.

Public Recreation

200 + acres
Soda Springs Reserve

Preservation Ranch proposes to donate 221 acres to the County of Sonoma to expand the Soda Springs Reserve, including an easement for the creation of a 5-mile loop trail.

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