Sustainable Vineyards

Farming vineyards in harmony with the land


Preservation Ranch proposes to plant approx. 1,150 acres of premium, sustainably farmed vineyards on 1,769 acres (9% of property). Through sensitive design and best management practices, the environmental impacts will be minimized and existing habitat and water quality will be enhanced. The projected revenues of the vineyards provide the economic foundation that makes the forest conservation, protected habitats and public recreation possible.

Best practices that will be applied to the vineyard development and management include:

  • Locate vineyard sites based on multiple independent impact surveys (including cultural, botanical, wildlife, water quality and hydrology), all in compliance with all County, State and Federal regulations.
  • Plant in small blocks that are widely dispersed throughout the property, located primarily on the less biologically-sensitive ridge tops, and providing ample wildlife connectivity through corridors to the remaining 17,900 acres.
  • Farm vineyards sustainably, following current best practices (limited chemical inputs; deficit irrigation and erosion control; permanent cover crops; etc.) and certified by a third party.
  • Irrigate from on-site reservoirs, capturing only excess surface runoff from winter storms with no wells or stream diversion required.