Forest Conservation

Preparing to plant over 1 million trees


Preservation Ranch will restore and protect its forest by planting over 1 million trees on more than 3,700 acres of the most depleted lands, and by creating a 14,921 acre working forest conservation easement. The easement will be managed asĀ One Forest, consolidating resource ownership and management under one entity into perpetuity to improve forest growth, protect wildlife and fisheries habitat and reduce fire risk. These steps will guarantee environmental stewardship while fulfilling key conservation and natural resource goals.

Key benefits include:

  • Unify the timber resource as One Forest, addressing its current fragmented and degraded condition.
  • Manage the timber resource in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner, compliant with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. Core practices will include
    • large tree management,
    • old growth protection,
    • restoration stands,
    • riparian management, and
    • sustainable forestry.
  • Create a more ecologically complex forest, enhancing wildlife habitat, increasing carbon storage, and reducing erosion and fire risk.
  • Create a model for the sustainable conservation and management of large tracts of California’s forests, wildlife and natural resources while providing the necessary economic stimulus for local economies.