Protected Habitats

Creating an important wildlife preserve


Preservation Ranch will establish the Windy Gap Preserve, permanently protecting 2,739 acres of core wildlife habitat with mixed forests, oak woodlands and headwater streams for future generations. Habitat protection is an integral part of the Preservation Ranch mixed land use plan. The Windy Gap Preserve will be managed under a conservation easement, demonstrating PPV’s commitment to environmental stewardship in Sonoma County.

Key attributes include:

  • Permanently prohibit logging and road building.
  • Protect threatened oak woodlands, their ecosystems and associated wildlife including mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.
  • Protect fish bearing streams that provide winter resting areas and summer rearing habitat for steelhead trout.
  • Provide controlled access to academics/conservation NGOs for research and monitoring, and to the general public through docent-led tours.